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Kane Systems

Business and Technology Transformation

Kane Systems has been leading, designing and executing business and technology transformation projects since 1995 for government, business and global initiatives.

Kane Systems is a consulting practice with advanced expertise in: business and technology innovation and transformation, program and project management, business engineering, business data models and analytics, user-centred design, and operational change. Kane Systems consistently guides clients to achieve outstanding results.

Highlights of Expertise


Kane Systems has extensive experience in managing multiple large projects simultaneously, including federal and provincial initiatives. The Company’s project history includes many types of transformation projects, from innovation of multiple complex services to full organizational business and systems transformation to global transformation.

Project Expertise

Program Scale:    Budgets: over $150 M, projects: 5 to 100+, duration: 3 to 5 years
Project Scale:    Budgets: to $50 M, participants: 5 to 300+, duration: 1 to 5 years

Program Scope:   Full core business and systems transformation across business units 
Project Scope:   Full project life-cycle from initiation to close-out, to audit standard

Leadership:    Ministry stakeholders, C-suite, executives, managers, SMEs, users, vendors
Jurisdictional Scope:   Provincial, national, global, multi-jurisdictional collaborations

Industries – Public:   Legal and justice, health services, education, science and technology R&D
Industries – Private:   Banking, financial services, aviation (rotary wing), utilities, software

Business Expertise:   Innovation, optimization, full business transformation, business models and engineering, expansion, restructuring, operational change, operational audit, business operating continuity assessment, end-to-end program/project management (certified PMPs)

Systems Expertise:   Technology R&D, software development, full core systems transformation, operating technologies, COTS, e‑business models, data models/architecture, alignment of multiple databases, SOX-IT audit, implementation, innovation/iterative/agile/UCD, full SDLC

Transformation Expertise

Strategy:    Develop Concept Cases and Strategies for innovation and transformation
Business Cases:    Develop Business Cases with compelling rationale and value
Innovation:    Guide innovation, business design, and system-UI design; mentor design thinking

Project Office:    Apply QC mechanisms that maximize project focus and performance
Technology:    Align business models, data models and system processes across all technologies
Databases:    Optimize data models, diagnostics and analytics; streamline merged data models

Operational Change:    Optimize, align and sustain operational change across business units
Operational Continuity:    Evaluate transition readiness and business-system operating continuity
Assessment:    Assess mid- and end-of-term project performance, lessons learned, outcomes



We design and execute business and technology transformation for projects of any scale. We align the business and system architecture, develop the Transformation Plan, and manage all of the transformation projects end-to-end. 

To Inquire

We take on local to global initiatives. To inquire about our services, please contact us and tell us about your transformation. What are the priority problems you need to solve? What is your vision of success?

“Transformation is the art of making the Journey to a new Vision of yourself. Success is the ability to live the Vision while the Journey continues.”

The Vision and the Journey